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In late 2005 Trimlite made the decision to franchise part of their Sales and Installation Division to enable greater penetration into the marketplace by deploying a team of motivated owner/operators.

In this model retail clients and individual builders deal direct with local franchisees who own and operate their exclusive region. The franchisees service all the clients requirements whilst head office still provides the manufacture of quality products as well as expertise to support the franchisee.

Trimlite offers franchisees credibility, a known brand, well established systems and outstanding support from a well resourced Head Office.


Trimlite is controlled via a sophisticated Franchise model. Operation manuals and well planned, marketing and sales systems assist franchisees to create long term commercial ands domestic customers and provides the platform for their franchisees to independently own and operate lucrative businesses.

Franchised operators are attracted to Trimlite because of an opportunity to run their own professional business with a well established reputation and proven system. Many people who are not ready to go totally on their own find Trimlite can offer them an umbrella to trade under.

Franchising in Australia is growing at a rate of 12.9% per annum and contributes 14% to Australia’s GDP. Australia has the highest number of Franchises businesses per capita. Potential franchisees are looking for credible, successful franchise businesses to get involved with.

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